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How to Help Prevent Coronavirus Spread in Stockton

Published by Support on April 15, 2020 in category: Current Event

As Stockton continues to battle coronavirus, each individual must take responsibility for slowing the spread. With new updates and guidelines emerging every day, it can be difficult to clarify what is needed from each of our citizens. While it is important to follow local news and the Centers for Disease Control for the latest information, we can offer some evergreen coronavirus tips.

The big picture objective is to act as though you carry the virus. That is not to say you should live in a constant state of fear. Rather, this advice is meant to encourage vigilance and personal responsibility. Those who have been exposed to coronavirus often do not exhibit symptoms for days. In fact, some individuals go symptom-free for as long as 14 days. Others never show signs of infection at all. But you can always spread coronavirus, whether you’re coughing or not.

This is why the CDC and WHO strongly recommend extreme social distancing measures. Avoid leaving your home whenever possible. Wear a cloth face mask, wash your hands frequently, and disinfect all surfaces in your home, as well as high-touch objects. Remember that this is a high-stakes situation for senior citizens and those who are immunocompromised. These vulnerable populations could experience serious complications and even death as a result of coronavirus infection.

Be wary of any advice you hear for curing or self-diagnosing this illness. These tips are myths with no basis in scientific study. The World Health Organization has an excellent resource for fact-checking common coronavirus rumors.

Consider reassuring your family, staff, or customers with professional property disinfection. You can find this service through 911 Restoration of Stockton. We deep clean homes and businesses in Stockton and throughout the surrounding region. Our sanitization technicians are compassionate, thorough, and trained to follow EPA and CDC protocols. When you call us, you can count on top tier service and complete transparency.

This pandemic is one of the greatest challenges Stockton will ever face. But we know this is a strong community, and we will overcome this difficult time together. In the meantime, let 911 Restoration be your first resource for disinfection and peace of mind.

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